A gallery of recommended products and great deals!


Product: DOUGH EZ

The Dough EZ Rolling System is an amazing tool that will change your baking day!  Here is  the link to get your Dough EZ and start rolling!

Use the coupon code: JBOX for a special discount.




Product:  Sweet Sugarbelle Stencil Snap

The Sweet Sugarbelle Stencil Snap. It holds stencils from 3” x 3” to 5” x 9”. It comes with a magnetic frame, a silicone mat and a icing spreader. Making the perfect kit when airbrushing cookies.

Link: Sweet Sugarbelle 10 Piece Snap Frame Stencil




Products:  Books authored by Amy Fellner Dominy and illustrated by Nate Evans

These books are a beautiful and fun addition to a child’s life. My kids fell in love with the books. Author Amy Fellner Dominy and illustrator Nate Evans infused these books with imagination and color to bring a unique set of stories that will enrich every child’s reading experience.

Links: Cookiesaurus Rex Book and the Cookiesaurus Christmas Book