2T’s Stencils

2T’s Stencils is a shop of Stencils, Cookie Supplies and Cookie Retreats. Their stencils are completely clear, making them extremely useful when stenciling since you can see through them without any problem. They are also very thick, good quality and easy to handle. It’s a very unique shop because they offer regular and smaller design … Continue reading 2T’s Stencils


KaleidaCuts is 3D printed cookie cutter shop owned by a very amazing couple named Tony and Heather. Days ago Heather had the wonderful idea to offer a donation to those that have been impacted by Hurricane Michael. As we all know it was a devastating hurricane that affected the state of Florida. The owners of … Continue reading KaleidaCuts

Quoco Now

I’m so excited and impressed with the Quoco Now Subscription box. But first let me tell you a little bit about this amazing company. Quoco Now offers a monthly subscription box that includes a variety of kitchen tools and gadgets that they package every month. The best part is that you get to choose a … Continue reading Quoco Now

Sprinkle Pop

 Sprinkle Pop is a shop that offers unique, high quality and customized sprinkles for any occasion. Each month they select a different sprinkle mix and pair it with a charity, all sales from that specific sprinkle mix will be donated. What an amazing idea! Right?! Love it! The taste is so delicious. You definitely have … Continue reading Sprinkle Pop