Best Way To Store Cookie Cutters

When you are in the cookie business industry you will definitely be using cookie cutters all the time. And from only one cookie cutter all of the sudden you have like hundreds of them. Right?! Is it only me?

I was looking for ways to store my cookie cutters; a way that would be easy to find, easy to put away and affordable. Yay!

I used clear storage-shoe boxes and I created my own labels using Avery Labels. For the labels, I created categories or themes. If I didn’t have a lot of cookie cutters of that theme or category I added another one in the same box.

I can find any cutter when I need it, in the moment, and then put it away when finished. It’s an inexpensive method to get your cookie cutter organized.

Let me know your ideas?

Here are the links to the products I used:

Happy Storing!