Cookiesaurus Rex

I was looking for a fun, colorful and unique book for my kids. That’s when I saw the Cookiesaurus Rex Book. It’s about a Cookie T-Rex that declares himself as the King of All Cookies. He wants to be frosted first and have sprinkles, or shiny stars or even gumdrops like the other cookies. So that’s when he decides that he wants a do-over. The problem is that he might or might not end up how he wants. It is hilarious! I have never seen a book like this one. It’s so genius!

I’m a cookie artist, so I’m interested in everything related to cookies. My kids, Angel and Annette love this book so much. Angel liked the part where the Cookiesaurus Rex has the top hat and Annette loved the part where Cookiesaurus Rex has the ballerina dress. They laughed, and were amazed at how colorful and wonderful the illustrations are (made by AG Ford). This book will be a favorite without a doubt.

There’s even a new book! It was released last month: Christmas Cookiesaurus. It’s about how Cookiesaurus Rex wanted more than anything to make it onto Santa’s cookie plate. But Mr. Spatula chooses other cookies. It will be possible that Cookiesaurus Res is going to take matters into his own tiny arms. Will he make it? Will his Christmas dreams come true? You definitely need to find out. This book is another must have for kids, nephews, grandchildren, etc. They will love it!

The authors of both incredible books are Amy Fellner Dominy and Nate Evans.

Here is the link to get your Cookiesaurus Rex Book

Here is the link to get your Cookiesaurus Christmas Book


Happy Reading!