KaleidaCuts is 3D printed cookie cutter shop owned by a very amazing couple named Tony and Heather. Days ago Heather had the wonderful idea to offer a donation to those that have been impacted by Hurricane Michael. As we all know it was a devastating hurricane that affected the state of Florida. The owners of KelidaCuts are a military family that live in Panama City, FL.

All of the donations would go to his past unit and would go directly into the hands of good genuine people that would never ask for help but truly need it right now. KaleidaCuts has designed some incredible coloring pages that will be sent to you after you complete your donation as a thank you for your thoughtful support. Amazing, right?!

To submit your donation it will be through a Venmo account named KaleidaCuts or you can use this QR code:

To receive your wonderful coloring pages please send an email to KaleidaCuts@gmail.com with the subject line write PCStrong and attach a screenshot as proof of your donation. It is an honor to be part of this incredible idea of helping others. β€œRemember today is for them but tomorrow is for you”