Sprinkle Pop

 Sprinkle Pop is a shop that offers unique, high quality and customized sprinkles for any occasion. Each month they select a different sprinkle mix and pair it with a charity, all sales from that specific sprinkle mix will be donated.

What an amazing idea! Right?! Love it!

The taste is so delicious. You definitely have to try them. So yummy!

Here are two different mixes that I used.

The Cactus Flower Sprinkle Mix is a gluten free mix with tones of green, blue and purple perfect for a mermaid theme. And the American Hero Sprinkle Mix the name say it all, is a mix of greens, brown and gold stars perfect for military themes. They come in a 4oz clear bottle with their label, nutrition information and ingredients.

Here is the link to their Shop to get your sprinkles: https://sprinklepop.shop/

Happy Baking!