Cloud Nyne Designs

Cloud Nyne Designs is a new cookie cutter shop.

Most of her designs are created by her and that’s what makes her designs so unique. I was very impressed about the quality and the sturdiness of the cutters. Also, her customer service is amazing and delivery is super-fast.  It is very important to mention that the cutters are food safe. So you can use them for anything that you want with a cute shape.

Her cutter sizes are from 3.5 inches up to 4 inches. I absolutely love these sizes, they are not too small and not too big either; just perfect!

It cuts the dough perfectly while having a good grip for your hands. No more hurting hands while cutting. Whoohoo!

Here are three different designs from Cloud Nyne Designs: a super cute girly ghost, a unique gingerbread Santa and an adorable elephant.

I highly recommend any cutters from this shop.

Here is the link to her Etsy Shop to get your cutters:  Cloud Nyne Designs

Use the code JEANNIESBOX for a special discount. Coupon expires on Sept-30-2018.

Happy Baking!

Jeannie’s Box