Quoco Now Subscription Box

I’m so excited and impressed with the Quoco Now Subscription Box. But first, let me tell you a little bit about this amazing company. Quoco Now offers a monthly subscription box that includes a variety of kitchen tools and gadgets that they package every month. The best part is that you get to choose a category for your box such as entrée, baking, dessert, etc. I chose the Baking Box and let me tell you, it’s incredible!

The box arrived with so many useful utensils.

  1. Collapsible Measuring Cups and Spoons

A must tool in the kitchen, they are made with good quality silicone, they are colorful and just beautiful. The best part is that they are collapsible, Yay! So it takes less space.

2. Spatula

Super lightweight, made with silicone, perfect size, it doesn’t have any dents so it’s easier to clean. What else can I say, it’s just perfect!

3. Batter Spoons

I didn’t know that this tool existed. They are three different sizes for any cupcake or muffing you want to make. From a jumbo, standard size, and mini size. So no more excess of batter or uneven cupcakes or muffins. Whoohoo!

4. The Freestanding Cupacke Molds

These are super easy to use, there is no need for grease or cooking spray, they are easy to clean and they are a money-saving option since they are reusable. My kids loved them!

5. Oven Mit

This oven mitten is very comfortable, it is made with cotton and protects your hand from hot handles and pans.


6. Baking Mat

When baking cookies I use a lot of parchment paper. I was excited about this mat because I can reuse it and not have to use parchment paper. This mat is another great savings tool. And it baked my cookies even and perfectly. High five for that!

7. Sugar Shaker

This shaker is a simple way to dust sugar, cinnamon or cocoa to any baked good.

8. Ice Cream Scoop

Let me tell you a little secret, I didn’t have a scoop. Oops! But now thanks to Quoco Now I have one. Yes! No more bending spoons when scooping ice cream. LOL!

What I loved from this box is that it’s very colorful and the wonderful collection of tools are a great way to bring the family together in the kitchen and that for me is a must. My kids had so much fun.

“The kitchen is the heart of the house” –Unknown

Check out their page Quoco Now and get your first Subscription Box. box

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Happy Baking!