Chefmaster VS AmeriColor Airbrush Colors

I have always used Chefmaster Airbrush Colors and I love them. Chefmaster is a company that offers coloring edible products. Just recently, they opened their very own online shop. Very convenient! Before having its own store, you had to order their products from different distributors. For some time I have been wanting to try a similar product and compare it to the one I was currently using. That’s when I decided to try AmeriColor. AmeriColor is also a company that offers edible colors.

I compared the Chefmaster Metallic Color Set with the AmeriColor AmeriMist Sheen Kit. Both kits came in a box, in small squeezable bottles with a flip-top cap. Permitting the color to be dispensed in drops, which makes it clean and easy to use.


Here is a comparison in colors. I airbrushed some cookies in a way that would be easier to appreciate the difference. The first colors I used were Chefmaster Metallic Silver and AmeriColor Silver Sheen; both were very similar in color and very shinny.

The second colors I used were the Chefmaster Metallic Pearl and AmeriColor Pearl Sheen, this is my favorite color; here both were pretty much the same but the Chefmaster one was shinier. Something that for me is a must!

The third colors I used were the Chefmaster Metallic Gold with the AmeriColor Gold Sheen. The Chefmaster one is more like a yellow tone and the AmeriColors have a brownish color, but both of them were shinny.

The fourth colors I used were the Chefmaster Metallic Blue and the AmeriColor Blue Sheen. The Chefmaster one was a very metallic royal blue (I adore it!), while the AmeriColor was more like a baby blue.

The fifth colors I used were the Chefmaster Green and the AmeriColor Green Sheen. The Chefmaster was a pretty metallic green. The AmeriColor was not that metallic or shiny.

The sixth and last colors I used were the Chefmaster Metallic Red and the AmeriColor Red Sheen. The Chefmaster was very metallic red and the AmeriColor looked a bit orange, not very red to me.


Both companies are from the USA and when it comes to pricing, they are very similar to.  Personally, I will stay with the current company I have been using because I love their entire line of different products that they have, and the quality is incredible. Next week I’m going to have another blog about Chefmaster and AmeriColor but comparing some of their gel colors. Stay Tuned!

Here is the link to get your Chefmaster Metallic Color Set and their link to their website.

Happy Baking!