2T’s Stencils

2T’s Stencils is a shop of Stencils, Cookie Supplies, and Cookie Retreats.

Their stencils are completely clear, making them extremely useful when stenciling since you can see through them without any problem. They are also very thick, good quality, and easy to handle. It’s a very unique shop because they offer regular and smaller design stencils. The regular ones are perfect for regular size cookies and the smaller design ones are good for mini cookies. Sometimes when you use a regular size stencil on a mini cookie the design is not flawless because it is too big. 2T’s stencil options in sizing resolve this issue.

The stencils are all the same overall size:  5.5” x 5.5” but what changes are the size of the design. Genius!


Stencils can be used when airbrushing, using royal or buttercream icing, or even chocolate. They are made with food-safe plastic and are super easy to wash. Use water and soap, and let them dry completely.

Check out their website  2T’s Stencils Shop to get your stencils:

Happy Stenciling!